AlphaPro Strongly Refute Propaganda Allegations

Press Release

ISLAMABAD (June 09, 2021): AlphPro is Pakistan’s one of the most premium digital media companies which serves its clients in the field of branding, marketing, advertising, printing, event managing, trending and startups besides providing wide-ranging services of crisis management especially under recent pandemic.

This was said by Adeel Ayub, MD AphaPro in a statement issued to the media. “AlphaPro is an independent media agency which has been operating since 2015. It owns an exceptional track record of providing state-of-the-art services to numerous local and multinational companies”, he said.

“Our team includes some of the finest free-lance journalists, veteran social media influencers and passionate marketing experts, the services of whom AlphaPro acquires as-an-when required”, the statement added.

Regarding some serious allegations by a section of media in the recent past Mr Adeel said, “I solely own the brand ‘AlphaPro’ and have no other subsidiary or sub-networks what-so-ever with any similar or undisclosed name which provide similar kind of services for some undisclosed clients. Anyone is welcome to visit our official website where we have smartly displayed our services and the details of clients which we have served during the last 6 years”.

Furthermore, according to Graphika, AlphaPro worked on narratives such as praise for Pakistan and its armed forces, efforts to denigrate India and highlight attacks by Hindu nationalists against religious minorities, support for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and promotion of the government-backed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) investment project.

Mr Adeel lamented, “We strongly refute allegations over AlphaPro for its any kind of association with any anti-state company or any individual working against the interests of Pakistan. AlphaPro is fully owned by a Pakistani national and the patriotism of all of its employees is simply out of question”.

“We take pride and feel fully responsible for the work done under the banner of AlphaPro, but not for the act of any individual”, the statement concluded.