Vlog Summit 2019


Pakistan’s First Vlog Summit 2019 Successfully Conclude

Vlog Summit 2019 was held at Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Auditorium Islamabad where prominent local and international Vloggers came on the same platform for the very first time and shared their success stories and current vlogging trends. They elaborated how a vlog can be used to influence the opinion of masses. Participants of the summit came from both the government and corporate sector.

Chief Guest of the event Mr. Lijian Zhao – Deputy Chinese Ambassador shared his views about the event saying,

“Such sessions are healthy and must be organized regularly to increase awareness about the trending mediums”. He added that Pakistan is now among the top travel destinations around the world and it is very safe to travel within Pakistan. At the end, he said, “I highly appreciate the efforts made by team AlphaPro and congratulate them on the success of vlog summit 2019.”

Mubashir Siddique, another speaker and a famous vlogger from a remote village of Pakistan, shared his experience about how he started. Mubashir had a very motivational message for all the new vloggers,

“You need to be very patient with vlogging. It is all about making mistakes and then learning from your own mistakes. There is no age for learning as you learn new things throughout life.”

Mubashir has his own YouTube channel named ‘Village Food Secrets’ based on village cooking with more than 1 million subscribers.

Jordan Taylor, a very well-known vlogger who especially came to Pakistan for this event and to explore the hidden beauties of Pakistan shared her views regarding the people and the land saying,

Pakistan is a place where the word stranger doesn’t seem to exist, where everyone you meet treats you like a long lost friend. I heard things about Pakistan but I decided to come and see for myself. I found the people and the land beautiful and full of love. I felt loved, I felt safe!

Huubvander Mark, who is a vlogger from the Netherlands, is visiting Pakistan on his bus. He said, “Pakistan is a beautiful place to visit and I have found it very safe for tourists to travel and enjoy full hospitality of the local people.”

The summit had other famed vloggers on the panel of speakers who talked about their own journey as vloggers and encouraged more people to join. Both national and international vloggers told about the basics of vlogging, and motivated more people who are interested in vlogging and making money for themselves. The vloggers included many known names like Siddique Jan, Faisal Warraich, Zain Ul Abideen, Marsha Lui, Amel, Skooty Girls – Sana Shakoor & Afra Hussain and Sareesha.

The summit received huge appreciation from all the guests and participants. At the end, Mr. Adeel Ayub, Managing Director AlphaPro, expressed his views saying,

I am very happy to see such a positive response from all these amazing vloggers, speakers and participants. AlphaPro has always come up with unique ideas like the successful social media summit in the past; we will keep on bringing such fruitful events which will help us promote the positive image of Pakistan. This Vlog Summit will promote a lot of tourism in Pakistan as the image of Pakistan gets clear to the world.

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Pakistan’s First Vlog Summit 2019

Engaging National and International Vloggers

AlphaPro is organizing a Pakistan First of its kind Vlog Summit 2019 on 26th April, 2019 at Shah Latif Bhittai Auditorium Islamabad. The event will have international and national Vloggers on the same platform to share their journey of #Vlogging. They will highlight their experiences and share their views about the natural beauty and enrich multi-dimensional culture of Pakistan.

This is the great time for Pakistan showcasing the real image to the world as a peaceful, beautiful and tourism friendly and most importantly safe place to travel for everyone. Social media is the best way to show the world the real picture of our motherland Pakistan. The current government, as per Imran Khan’s vision has also taken steps in order to promote tourism in Pakistan and promotes it as a tourist state.

AlphaPro has always supported these positive causes in the past and yet again it is coming up with another one of a kind event in Pakistan. The event is going to be a very exclusive and premium as AlphaPro has invited international traveler and Vlogger Jordan Taylor, best known from her Instagram username ‘@travellight21’ to Pakistan specially for this event and for exploring the hidden beauties of Pakistan. She is a travel enthusiast who left everything behind just to travel without any fixed destination in mind. Jordan tells that Pakistan was one of the most insisted destinations by her followers. Besides Jordan, Huubvander Mark from Netherlands will also join  this event.  Local famous Vloggers Mubashir Siddique (Village Food Secrets), Scooty Girls, Sana and Afra along with Famous fashion vlogger Saresha who is well known for her Vlog “Dairy of Saresha” is also going to be speaking on the event.

The summit is going to be focusing on how Pakistan is safe for traveling specially for people coming with their families, they can enjoy one of the best tourist destination.  Naturally blessed with amazing views and scenery Pakistan is somehow the most undiscovered destinations by the International tourists. The natural beauty of Pakistani land along with the hospitable cultural values and unique road side domestic food has a lot to be offered to the tourists and this needs to be broadcasted to the world using the modern day most powerful medium of social media.

With the change in trends of digital media vlogging is the most current trending medium on social media. AlphaPro is striving to bring the latest digital marketing trends in Pakistan. Last year AlphaPro organized the first ever Social Media Summit bringing the social media gurus on one platform in order to spread their knowledge and this year it has come up with Pakistan’s first ever Vlog Summit.

Managing Director, AlphaPro Mr. Adeel Ayub says,

“As always we want to bring the latest buzzing trends in Pakistan, in order to make the image of Pakistan as a positive state and nation. Naya Pakistan is not just a political vision but also something very close to my heart as I like to present the real image of Pakistanis across world. Indulging international vloggers will definitely bring the positivity back to our country which we really deserve.”

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