Brand Building through PR and Social Media

A brand is an imaginary personality of a company or the impression that people feel about the products of a company. Branding is not just a business but it is the way to promote the culture, values and most of them are create the trustee relationship with the customers. To create the brand is not difficult but to build the brand needs different tactics and strategies. For this there are two strongest ways through which a brand can be successful.


Public relation is the oldest but effective way to promote any kind of business. To build a brand using PR create brand understanding and education and also build customer loyalty to the brand. Press release, term of PR, used as a tool of promoting the Brand. PR is the mature activity and its effective strategy perfectly target and speak directly to the needs, concerns, wants and desires of the people. Media relations, newsletters, Business events, speaking engagements and sponsorships are the effective tools of PR which can boost the brand image.

Most people hardly believe what they see in adverts but attach more credibility to what is communicated through PR. It is the two way communication, it completes the communication cycle by ensuring feedback from customers to ascertain brand experience and value. It includes a variety of programs to promote and protect a company brand image. PR functions such as talking points development, media training and crises management, play and important role in branding.

PR is generally associated with communication activities. Now in this technological era where communication becomes fast to faster than PR experts also changed their ways of communication like social media is the powerful tool of communication and every single person attached to it. Branding can also be done by using social media. Research shows that there are 3.4 billion internet users worldwide. Of those, 2.3 billion have social media accounts.

Social media is the place where consumers share their opinions about brands and interact with them. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn YouTube Google+, pinterest and others are one of the most engaging social media platforms. But not all the platforms are best for every brand. Social media sites should be choose according to the target audience. For example a clothing brand can use Facebook to reach its highest level because people of every age, gender and class are the users of Facebook so it the best way to reach them. Social media sites free as well as paid opportunities to market a brand online is the foremost benefit of this powerful medium.

One of the most effective ways of social branding is that to remain active on the social media and to get in touch with the customers. Posts include pictures and videos can encourage engagement with the brand.

In the conclusion, PR and social media both are creative and effective for the brand building. Both can be used at a same time and can get remarkable results in the form of success of the brand.

– Amna Jabeen

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