Grand Tambola and Evening with Anwar Masood, Independence Day Celebration

Islamabad, 14th August 2015: Garden city has been hosting many happening events lately and on the occasion of Independence Day they brought their 4th grand tambola night with celebration of Independence Day and presented the most pleasing evening with Anwar Masood, the very well-known comic poet. Anwar Masood is a multilingual poet, a teacher of the Persian language, and a poet of Urdu and Punjabi. He is not just known for the comic poetry but is a wise man and an inspirational professor. The evening included tambola, distribution of grand prizes to the winners of tambola and the famous poetic session by Anwar Masood which cheered the audiences up.


On this occasion the proud host and Head of Garden City Brig (R) Tariq Zamaan Said, “All our efforts are to cherish each moment and every occasion, we are a proud nation and we couldn’t let Independence Day go uncelebrated. Garden City will keep on coming with family events and we wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day”

The event provided the residents with an opportunity to have a quality time with their families, expressing views about the event Mr Salman Latif, General Manager Garden City said, “ Such events and satisfied audience and residents is our goad to achieve and tonight I was very pleased to watch the success of the Independence Day celebration. It’s an honor when people come and thank us for managing such family events.”

The event was co-managed by the twin city’s most famous event managers AlphaPro. The MD AlphaPro expressed his views saying, “We are a very talented and capable nation, unfortunately our people believe in settling abroad and serving others but I have very patriotic views, I believe in creating the environment in homeland to give our best. AlphaPro has been providing the local people with great events and will continue, A very Happy Independence Day to all.”

The center of attention of the evening was Mr. Anwer Masood who raised the moral of the audience. He really appreciated the efforts of Garden City Saying, “I perform live at various platforms but I really like the environment the management created and the people were also very supportive and cultured. I would love to come again to Garden City.”

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