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When we talk about social media the first thing that comes to your mind is a platform where you can interact with your network of family and friends, businesses, people with common interests, celebrity’s fan followings have collectively made social media one of the most effective medium for the communication.


Social media websites have become so much infused in daily life of a common person that it has a very strong impact on the decision making and opinion formation of people. Not just opinions based on current affairs but social media has become extremely predictive in terms of political advancements. Social media is serious business and almost all the leading politicians and political parties are investing time in using social media as being the most affordable medium to disseminate their message to masses with a simple single click. Social media has now been considered a very integral part of the political campaigns,

Along with traditional media to promote political point of views, political parties have grasped the idea of considering social media as one of the important campaign floating medium as the common man or public spends more time scrolling their social media websites then on TV ads and personal interactions with public.

With the passage of time social media is growing so vast and rapid that if the reach through social media networking is compared with the traditional marketing platforms it has surely outreached all of them. Alpha pro is one of the leading companies in Pakistan which design and promote political campaigns for political individuals and parties. AlphaPro has teams specialized in political campaign marketing on social media to reach common people and influence their decision making.

There are a few techniques for planning election campaign for social media; these will help you utilizing social media as a platform for your political campaign as a political party or an individual.

Define Objectives

It is very necessary for any political party or individual to list down objectives to be achieved in the social media political campaign, the objectives must be divided into short term and long term categories to reach the main objectives ultimately.

The things to be achieved in a short term include creating and maintaining a positive image of the  part and the party leader in the minds of the audiences. It should be focusing on promoting party activities and making the party leaders active on social media so that public is attracted more towards the party activities.

You can use social media to target from specified local areas of Pakistan depending upon the areas you want to focus more or less based on your number of followers.

The long term objective is a strict focus on winning the elections and attracting majority of voters on through social media.

2. Budget Allocation

As compared to other platforms social media costs a lot less as you need to get paid advertisements and hiring a professional team also ads to the cost. AlphaPro provides services that are effective and result focused, bringing you closer to winning elections, providing you a strong campaign on affordable rates.

3. Target Audience

For a political party target audience is anyone who is eligible to cast vote, including youth, women, senior citizen and people who like to use the right to vote to bring their choice of leader in front. The base of your social media election campaign should not just be on who to target but also focus on when to engage the target audience and how to engage them. Hit the common interests and promote the wellbeing of your target audience.

4. Audience Specific Content

The key to attract maximum number of voters is to post conent and attract them through messages which directly communicate with them; AlphaPro is a team of professionals which is well aware of Pakistani politics and pattern of voters. We let you create most engaging content which results in more followers and hence more actual real time voters.

5. Be the Voice of People

You need to listen to the problems of your target voters and try to understand their issues and then respond to their problems in an honest way. Be their voice, let them know about you so that they trust you enough to let you know about themselves and choose you to be their next political choice. Your content and social media should reflect that you are there for the betterment of your voters and this image is responsibility of our team at AlphaPro.

6. Highlight Participation of Voters

You need to keep your political followers motivated and appreciated. Keep them in loop on your social media pages, appreciate their role in party’s political activities. Pakistani politics is all about number of voters that are involved in your political activities. Let us involve people.

7. Result Evaluation

Role of AlphaPro is not just to provide you an engaging social media political campaign but also to analyze the campaign’s outcomes and to what extent it has helped in changing the mindset of people regarding your political party, building positive image and amplifying people following in a positive way. We at AlphaPro strive to make you achieve your objectives.

The social media political activities in Pakistan are more serious than any other official campaign of political parties these days. The voters defend their parties in most aggressive way using their freedom of speech of social media

When you choose social media political campaigns your spectrum becomes wider as influence of anything now-a-days is greater on social media than on any other medium. Pakistani people are very much impulsive and will not dig into the authenticity of anything but believe whatever the majority is following. AlphaPro lets you attract that majority of influential audience.

The quality of a good political campaign is the involvement of the public views in the campaigns. Social media platforms have helped the political parties to increase the vote base and open communication facility in social media through which they can ask and comment on contents, directly to the candidates.

The strategy on how to plan social media political campaign for elections needs expertise from a reputed company like AlphaPro, we let you choose the best approach to reach masses. Social media platforms play an important role in political campaigns because it gives the voters a chance to converse with the candidate, directly.

Please contact AlphaPro to beat your opposition party’s online media campaign. Please note that inexperienced companies will not build but ruin your perception, contact us to deliver professional help!

For detailed discussions you can contact our team to assist you.

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