Social Media Summit

Social Media Summit & Icon Awards

PNCA, 17th March 2018


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More than 400 social media activists, corporate & government reps, university students from all over Pakistan joined hands to discuss the Role & Impact of Social Media in Pakistan and to forge related strategies. All this was done at the grand Social Media Summit & Icon Awards organized by AlphaPro, a renowned digital media solutions and event Management Company on 17th March, 2018 at PNCA, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Over the last few years, social media has globally emerged as one of the most powerful opinion making tools where ordinary public has the advantage to make their presence felt and voice heard. Like rest of the world, social media in Pakistan too plays a vital role in shaping ideas and reshaping public opinion, the chief guest said while sharing views during the occasion.

“I am glad that a serious effort has been made to sensitize the public about the positive use of social media particularly at a time when certain elements are out to misuse social media against remarkable initiatives China and Pakistan have launched to bring prosperity and progress in the region including China Pakistan Economic Corridor-CPEC,” he said.

Who Attended

His Excellency the Deputy Chief Mission (DCM) of Peoples Republic of China Mr. Lijian Zhao was invited at the event as Chief Guest, attended by senior officials of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistan Software Export Board, leading software houses, top representatives of corporate groups,  noted digital media experts, social media activists, media persons, celebrities and people from different cross sections of the society.

  “Social Media is used by many terrorist organizations to brainwash the youth in all parts of the world. We can only counter their propaganda by flooding the facts and positivity on this media of 21st century” Said by Mr. Jan Achakzai, Journalist / Politician.


Participants from Digital Media discuss the Developing Role of Social Media in Pakistan in Panel Discussion at Social Media Summit.

Summit Statistics

“Attendees came together from all over the spectrum of Pakistan. During the course of summit, they connected, discussed, and shared ideas. Many committed to next steps to move the field of Digital Marketing & Social Media forward.”

Key Themes


  • Social Media & CPEC
  • Social Media & Terrorism
  • Social Media & Education Sector
  • Social Media in Corporate Sector
  • Social Media in Arts & Culture Sector
  • Social Media & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media & Women Empowerment

Media Coverage

Electronic Media


Print Media

Digital Media

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The Idea of Social Media & Closing Remarks

The Idea of Social Media Summit In USA, 3-4 Social Media Summits are organized every year. Even in India, every major city hosts 2-3 Social Media Summits per year mostly funded by their IT industry giants or by Government. The introduction of this idea was the brain child of Alpha Pro to conduct a Non-Political but informative & patriotic summit to gather all the social media activists, strategists under one platform to discuss the Role of Social Media in Pakistan with different angles.

AlphaPro’s Message

Managing Director AlphaPro Adeel Ayub said:

“Recognizing the importance of social media, the Social Media Summit aims at preventing the misuse of this worldwide phenomenon in addition to providing great learning opportunities for people interested in digital media marketing and to promote networking for the people related to social media.”

During the summit, social media activists and other noted personalities delivered speeches, held interactive sessions and panel discussions backed by video graphic presentations to discuss important issues including  social media marketing strategies,  role of open source in developing youth in Pakistan, role of social media in women empowerment and relevant. There is no time and space in the digital world. People chat and collaborate through social networks. Cultural icons garner millions of fans online in locations they have often never been themselves. The boundary between public and private life is now everyone’s business.

Guest of Honors

(L to R) Mr. Ajmal Wazir Khan, Ms. Ambreen Shah, Mr. Shi, Mr. Abdul Salam, Mr. Yang Yu, Mr. Jan Achakzai, Mr. Lijian Zhao

Icon Awards

Summit Sponsors

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