BookItNow Joins AlphaPro as the Official Ticketing Partner of Social Media Summit 2018 is an online portal that has made buying tickets online easy with simple steps. AlphaPro’s Social Media Summit 2018 is bringing the most active organizations on social media on board, these organizations are performing their operations online and are fully utilizing the facilities offered by internet and social media for their businesses.


Social Media Summit 2018 will be guiding people regarding the uses of social media to improve businesses and life styles, having businesses like is a positive step towards the success of social media summit 2018. is making life easy and promotes events and efforts like social media summit 2018 which are promoting latest trends and innovations in the era.


Recognizing the importance of social networks, the Social Media Summit aims at preventing misuse of this worldwide phenomenon in addition to providing learning opportunities for people interested in digital media marketing and to promote networking for people related to social media. Making this event successful will lead to more such empowering events for the locals of Pakistan.

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