Social Media Summit – Highlighting the Significance

AlphaPro a Digital Media and Event Management company is all set to bring the first ever Social Media Summit in Pakistan on 17th March 2018, at PNCA, Islamabad. The objective of organizing this summit is to highlight the significance of using social media effectively for the growth and welfare of the society and country. The event will be beautified with the presence of the Deputy Chief Mission (DCM) of Peoples Republic of China Mr. Lijian Zhao as the Chief Guest following a number of renowned personalities.


From the ancient human societies of talking drums to the advanced world we are now connected through “Social Media”. Social media in 21st century is the most favorite medium. It has been widely accepted and adopted as it has shrunk the world into few networking sites. And it has taken over the print and electronic media because with the advancement in technology it has become the cheapest, fastest and accessible mean all around the globe. While scrolling the history we can witness the greatest stories of activism and uprisings that has been as a result of usage of social media applications (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) most commonly. Education has become accessible and easier through distance learning courses, diplomas and degrees.

Business sector also finds social media useful for their promotional activities, for knowing the likeness and unlikeness of their audience and for generating awareness of their products. Job opportunities, social interactions, online business, communication, time sharing is answer to what has social media done for the growth and enhancement of people. Freedom to share your views has become easier through social media but on the other hand same platform has been misused as people say whatever they like, to anyone at anyplace, hence making cyber bullying easy. Cyber- bullying is injurious because it leaves scars on youth growing process and in some cases lead to suicide by the youngsters. Every year quite a number of youngsters fall victims of cyber- bullying. Thus making it essential to highlight the proper and effective use by youngsters to guide about the positive and useful impact of social media.

The Social Media Summit has thus realized the significance and has taken the responsibility to create awareness of the effective use of social media for young ones and females. Hence the event is going to highlight the following important aspects including:

• Developing Role of Social Media in Pakistan
• Social Media & CPEC
• Social Media in Corporate Sector
• Social Media & Community Policing
• Social Media in Education Sector
• Social Media in Arts & Culture Sector
• Social Media & Entrepreneurship (Freelancing)
• Role of Pakistani Women in Social Media
• Social Media & Cyber Crime

The aim is to make the best use of social media through youngsters, entrepreneurs, educationists and women of our society. To bring everyone closer and highlight the significant issues for the growth and prosper of Pakistan. Let us stand together and make social media a blessing rather than a curse.

– Hajra Chaudhry

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